I love the unique experience, fun process and beautiful result of choreographing couples' first wedding dances. I am responsible for choreographing, teaching, booking a dance space near you, and mixing the music. My main focus is to ensure the couple has fun during the learning process, and feel comfortable and confident with the movement and music, so they can be at ease with the dance(s) on their wedding day, and take in their special moment without worry.

I believe I provide fresh and innovative choreography; taking movement from a range of styles to suit each couple. I take care to pay attention to your wedding dance requests to make it unique to you, and teach the steps in an easy to learn manner, so no matter what level dancer you are, we'll get you looking fabulous for your special day!

The hourly charge rate is $70 per hour, and if you would like to meet for a complimentary consultation, or would like any further details please contact me via my email address:

Please feel free to read testimonials from previous clients below.


"My husband and I both wanted to do a first dance at our wedding. To say that we are creatively challenged would be an understatement. Kimi came to our rescue and went out of her way to help us prepare for the big day. She was extremely patient and paid great attention to detail. Her feel for music is truly amazing. Most importantly her instructions were easy to understand and carry out. We have since recommended her to friends and family who have been just as impressed with her abilities."

Claudette Lu